Long-billed Thrasher

Toxostoma longirostre


The Long-billed Thrasher (Toxostoma longirostre) is a passerine (order Passeriformes) species of bird (class Aves) in the mockingbirds and thrashers family (Mimidae). The specific name longirostre is derived from Latin and means 'long bill'.


A large sized thrasher, slender and long-tailed, close to the size of an American Robin (Turdus migratorius). Rufous on the back, pale-buffy white underparts with heavy black streaking on the chest and belly, a grayish face, and an orange or orange-yellow eye.


Found year-round in dry, brushy landscapes of southern Texas and northeastern Mexico.



Long-billed Thrasher (Toxostoma longirostre) - United States

United States

Long-billed Thrasher (Toxostoma longirostre) - United States

United States


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